2017-05-20 12:46:10 by TheOverGhoul

You. yes, you.

I love you <3

Disclaimer : This is just a shit post, i have no feelings at all and i'm purely a monster. sorry.

Ey bruh, how are you?

2017-05-17 00:14:57 by TheOverGhoul


Well, seems like i finally did it. after 1 year and half of medication and bullshit, this is finally over.

All i had to do was to "lighten up" a bit... literally. basically, when i was still in the middle of this depression bullshit, the idea of things getting worse wouldn't leave my mind at all, i would keep saying things like "Things will always be shit until i die", and this is bad because have you heard about "reaping and sowing"? this is the case here, the more i think about negative shit, the more i'll get negative shit, and when i discovered this i decided to just stop that and think about "good stuff" and things got slowly better. i'm starting to get less negative shit happening to me on a daily basis and i'm more "positive" now, i'm also a bit more energetic, which means that i can actually work on my games and art at a much faster pace, unlike a few months ago where i would go on a hiatus for like 3 months before i upload something terrible because i had no motivation to make it better.

Morale of the story, if you don't want to be depressed or have your life be shit, then stop thinking about it being shit, think about something "better" like being happy and getting what you want in life more than you think about your life being shit and having it get worse and worse.

Anyway, music for the 90% of you that don't give a fuck :

Happy Pico Day!

2017-04-30 12:25:46 by TheOverGhoul

I was going to make a game to celebrate this occasion but uh... didn't have much time so i ended up using some assets as artwork. anyway, hope you enjoy that stuff. the game was going to be a shit load of memes anyway so... i dunno.

Also, just wanna share this android game called "Jumpr" with you guys. it's a game where you jump over a volcano in space, it's a pretty innovative and original game in my opinion, and i recommend you guys try it some time, i know it seems a little bit "easy" but trust me, it's not "that much" easy.

fun fact, i did some of the assets for it btw.

StaticSkull/NightRaid-NG now banned.

2017-04-25 12:33:15 by TheOverGhoul

Just a while ago, i got a PM from the site admin @TomFulp stating that he's locked @StaticSkull who's also known as NightRaid-NG (A name stolen from the anime Akame Ga Kill btw) out of his account for breaking the rules and being a general annoyance and source of problems to everyone including content creators, users and mods as well.

Now you guys might be wondering, did he deserve this? what did he do? and was this the only way to solve this issue? and if you are wondering about the answers to these questions and possibly more then allow me to answer.

First, "Am i the one to blame for having him banned?"

No, 26 people wanted him banned, and they've all contributed to getting him banned. and, he HIMSELF, has contributed to himself getting banned for breaking the rules so much even after being banned several times from all the portals around the site (for example from the audio portal) and then getting unbanned, so he's more than responsible about himself getting banned. now you may be thinking, this wouldn't have happened if i didn't make that post about him, and honestly, even if i didn't, he would have gotten what he deserved from someone else such as the site admins or @WillCamick or anyone else who doesn't like him and what he's doing, for example, the person who started the petition.

Second, "What evidence supports these claims?"

Ask the mods, they have logs of everything he's stolen, the different IPs he's used for his alts which he's used to give himself "positive" feedback on his (honestly) terrible works and so on, and they decided to make this decision based on this evidence. and yes, me, the people who signed the petition and Tom aren't the only ones who decided that he should be banned, the mods themselves who also have problems with him also had something to say about this whole thing.

Third, "Did he deserve this?"

Objectively speaking, yes. he's stole audio, artwork, used alts and plenty more and was banned several times for it since he's been breaking the site rules. and he was well aware of these rules but still decided to break them, so yes, he does deserve this.

Fourth, "Was he really that bad?"

Of course, aside from stealing the character Fay from @WillCamick he's also spammed the forums so much that he currently has about 9500 posts, that mostly consist of either him trying to be funny a little bit too much or posting links to his own content such as his youtube videos and such, for example here's a few of his posts in the selfie thread [1] [2] [3] if you would like to dig deeper into the thread to see if he's really posted "that" much in it and in the same way he did in the last 3 posts, then go ahead. and also, most of the time whenever he makes some new "content" he would always include so many people that are nearly not even required or actually didn't do anything to contribute to his "projects" for example. why does he do this? obviously because he wants all of these people's fans to see that one of the people they follow is in a new project and then be directed to him in order to gain more fans, while this is just an opinion, it's still true for the most part. he also makes "collabs" that mostly consist of vague themes and broad subjects, like the "fandom" collab, so basically youtube tier compilations about pretty broad subjects with him being the one running these collabs and hence getting the most out of them as the author. i can keep going on and on about this but i think i've already said more than enough to prove that he's pretty "bad" and in all the wrong ways.

Fifth, "Should you be mad?"

Now you might be mad about this for one of the following reasons :

1 - You had work to do with him and now he's banned and can't work with you anymore, on this site at least.

If this is the case then i'm sorry for having your time get wasted.

2 - You're mad because of everything he's done.

Which is completely understandable.

3 - He kissed your ass a little bit and you're getting mad because well... ass kissing that's why.

And if this is the case then you're welcome, now you don't have to put up with his ass kissing anymore, and you don't have to defend him despite himself being beyond wrong and more than deserving of everything that's happend. again, you're welcome.

Sixth, "Is this good for Newgrounds?"

Yes in many ways, now we took care of one less spammer, content stealer and general annoyance, a lot of users here didn't like him for his terrible attitude around the forums and in general, and the mods hated him for breaking the rules a little bit too much and giving them a lot of work to do, even more than what they're supposed to do as mods. and the site is now a bit more safe from getting into legal issues since he's not going to be around to steal more content.

So in closing, we're done with his bullshit and he's free to continue to be another site's problem and enjoy getting banned from them as well, and he's free to do what he does best, go around whoring for attention on sites like Youtube by doing videos like "Try not to laugh" or "Monthly Q and A" videos and steal and trace artwork and spam RPG maker games on gamejolt instead of actually making "good" content and putting effort into his works and getting better at his said crafts and sounding less like a pretentious wannabe when he calls himself "Game dev, artist, etc" his choice, so let's hope he makes the right choice now instead of make things even worse than they've become now.

Hope you all have a great day, and thank you for reading.

P.S : if i remember correctly, he's got scouted by a user and decided to scout 4 users before he got unscouted (For like the third time), i only scouted 2 of the guys he scouted and i can't remember the last 2, if you happen to be one of these guys then PM me and we'll discuss getting you back into the art portal. :)

You guys need to see this.

2017-04-21 00:31:06 by TheOverGhoul

Some content creator here on NG known as @WillCamick is having a bit of a beef with another dude who's stealing his own character.

This shit needs to be stopped right now, this is basically stealing from another creator and calling it "inspired content" when it obviously isn't. someone needs to do something about it, which is why i decided to make this post to support the guy because honestly, it doesn't seem like he'll get that many eyes seeing his post and will just end up having his character stolen which is beyond horrible.

And while i'm at it.

Welcome me, baby <33333

Wanna get scouted? (for artists)

2016-10-03 07:12:55 by TheOverGhoul


Well, this is your chance, link me your works, i'll check out the quality and if it's good enough, i'll scout you.

But if not, i'll try to give you as much constructive criticism as possible.

If you're not an artist then recommend artists that you think deserve to be scouted right here, or in the artist spot light thread.

Please keep a few things in mind though :

- I can't scout you if you make things like 5 minute, low effort works or things like madness combat scenes or anything similar, also no photoshop, none of that is actually suitable for the art portal, i didn't decide that btw, but submissions like these tend to get their owners into tons of shit.

- Respect the rules or you and i and many more artists are doomed.

- Make sure you do your best. if you want to upload something like a little doodle or something, then keep it as a sketch to avoid people possibly voting 0 on your works and getting you closer to getting unscouted or anything similar since people hate it when artists post sloppy works to the art portal.

- If you make hentai then rate your work "A" but if your work happens to only reach "M" or anything similar don't use NSFW thumbnails. some people might complain about it to the art mods and get you in trouble or possibly getting your submission deleted.

EDIT : i thought i should just quickly mention that if i scouted you and you happen to know some artist(s) who you think deserve being scouted then consider scouting them as well. of course, if you'd like to help them and get more artists on the site.

Yes... this is still active...