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You guys need to see this.

2017-04-21 00:31:06 by TheOverGhoul

Some content creator here on NG known as @WillCamick is having a bit of a beef with another dude who's stealing his own character.

This shit needs to be stopped right now, this is basically stealing from another creator and calling it "inspired content" when it obviously isn't. someone needs to do something about it, which is why i decided to make this post to support the guy because honestly, it doesn't seem like he'll get that many eyes seeing his post and will just end up having his character stolen which is beyond horrible.

And while i'm at it.

// I - M I S S - HER //

2017-04-20 06:42:07 by TheOverGhoul

// DOES   SHE    EVEN    CARE    ANYMORE? //

Ok screw it...

2017-04-19 19:26:58 by TheOverGhoul

I'm getting Windows 10, Linux isn't worth it.

Also... i can't play Hotline Miami or any other game on this thing...



One of those days...

2017-04-19 00:12:57 by TheOverGhoul

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have 0 motivation to do anything and when you want to get out of bed, you only do it for coffee or something similar?

This sure is interesting...

2017-04-18 00:00:01 by TheOverGhoul

So i was just sleeping a while ago, you know as you normally do when you're tired, and then i had some dream where i could hear two girls that i actually know crying and their voices were coming from a computer, i went to that computer to see if i can tell them something and guess what happens next? i woke up and felt like my head was literally about to explode, yeah, this thing is real and it hurts like hell, anyway, i woke up and i couldn't move at all or breathe and i felt a pretty severe headache and i heard this really loud noise for a while until i somehow start moving and get up but guess what again? i faint back to bed and i could hardly breathe, so i just stay there for about 3 minutes wondering "Is it time yet? well, this was bound to happen sooner or later" and then everything goes normal again and i actually didn't wake anybody up at fucking 4 in the morning. i used to actually look forward to sleeping after an exhausting day but now, i think i'll make friends with coffee just to be sure that this won't happen again.

It's times like these that have me asking "How am i still alive? and more importantly, why?"

I hate Windows...

2017-04-17 00:04:02 by TheOverGhoul

So recently, my Windows 7 OS kind of... "broke" after it crashed and it won't run, go in to safe mode, repair the disk properly and it even tells me that the recovery mode is running on an "Unkown OS on an unkown local partition" so... i decided to just straight up delete it completely.

So, i'm going to get myself Windows 10 since 7 is pure garbage at this point. unless of course, i find a way to run my Windows software properly with Wine or something. in which case, i'll probably never need to go near windows again.

See kids, this is why you DON'T rely on Windows only. stay safe, smoke dat l1nux ereday.

It's 4:20 AM

2017-04-15 19:29:27 by TheOverGhoul

And i'm getting tons of work done on this "brutal game" of mine... i actually learned how to work with shaders so that's a plus, not only for this game but for most future games. for those of you who don't know, shaders are like the black magic of every game, they're those amazing effects you see on your screen such as those noise effects, the blur and so on. also, once i got some more work done, i'll start throwing around more and more screen shots (Possibly gifs too) until i programmed enough stuff to throw in a demo on here.

On a side note, my health... well at least "mental" health has been getting a lot better since last time i talked about it. so that's another plus. i've actually been in a better mood and have been feeling pretty energetic too.

Anyway, good morning guys. hope you all have an amazing day.


Finally figured out how to do this right. so now, i can do auto-tiles and shadows... awesome.


And they called me a "fucking sand ni**er" and tried to kick me out of the server, like damn, i haven't played this game in like 5 months or so and the moment i get back i'm instantly reminded of why i stopped playing the game in the first place. i'll just stick to Hotline Miami because that shit's all single player.

Also, i'm not that much sick anymore so i guess i'll get back to working on stuff. prepare yourselves for annoying screenshots and updates.

Trying one of these things

2017-04-13 15:05:00 by TheOverGhoul

Ask me questions or something