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And i feel like shit and i have "too much" on my mind, and i haven't done anything "important" or worth mentioning as usual... except for that i've gotten back to watching some anime, Welcome To The N.H.K ain't bad tbh, neither is Psycho-Pass.

And i'm thinking about making some kinda "walking simulator" with some "story" to it, what do you guys think?

Music, as usual.


2017-08-15 10:45:31 by TheOverGhoul


This made my entire day a lot more interesting tbh... thanks for the support everyone!

Midnight... as usual...

2017-08-13 19:23:34 by TheOverGhoul

And i'm bored as usual... and i feel kinda like shit for some reason... what about you guys?

Taking a short break...

2017-08-13 01:11:22 by TheOverGhoul

I'm taking a short break from working on stuff. i'm just extremely tired, man. and for some reason i start hating whatever i draw, code or create just after 5 minutes of making it. and i've got millions of "headaches" to deal with right now and that's not making anything better.

Just, fuck this... i'll just get myself some video games and watch some anime and stop thinking about everything right now and just shut the entire world out for a day or two because i'm really fed up with being busy all the time to the point where i can't do anything "fun".

Some music btw...

Edit : having fun so far...

Remember that one game of mine i said i was working on a while ago? yeah, about that, i'm not sure if i want to keep working on it, it seems like a waste of very valuable time to work on this game right now, and time is this one thing i don't have right now.

Now why is this game such a "waste of time"? because it's pretty obvious that not many people will buy it, if any at all even for the smallest price possible. and that's not really that much "helpful" for what i'm trying to accomplish here so why would i work on it anymore? what's the point? "Learning"? this isn't the right time nor the place for it, and this project has become one of the few games of mine that i've grown to hate so much, it's just become the worst project i've ever worked on, honestly. so maybe it's time to start over while i still have time, pick up something else like a different project or a different "job" that will actually put some money in my wallet.

I'm not very sure though, honestly. but all i know is that i'm not going to be working on this game anymore. i'll be doing something else.

Sorry if this disappoints any of you guys, but seeing how this game isn't going to work out well i feel like it's time to pull the plug on it and do something else more "fruitful"

On a more positive note, this project has helped me learn a lot about game development, sound design, procedural generation and plenty more. but it's a shame it was a garbage project.

Also, music...

Thanks for reading, hope you understand.


2017-08-09 19:16:25 by TheOverGhoul

Also remember when i made that rain effect?

Apparently some people wanted me to make a tutorial about this, or finally do something useful to this world.


I'm making a tutorial for it real soon. prepare to hear my voice for the first time if you haven't... you mostly haven't.

I already know what reactions to expect... honestly.

Anyway, music as usual.

So i was just making some Top down rain effect, kinda trying to recreate that same effect in Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number, and then i ended up with a kinda good rain effect and a Hotline Miami screen saver somehow.


I'm thinking about doing a tutorial video for this effect, but i'm not so sure.

Btw these numbers in the bottom right corner are the current time, it's 1:27 AM right now. and yes... all i do while i'm up at night is program stuff and listen to really depressing and slow music. yeah i'm well aware of how much of a shitty way to live this is, but do i really have anything else to do? nah.

Also... the song i was listening to while making this stuff.

Drill Away 2 now up on! [For free]

2017-08-03 17:24:22 by TheOverGhoul

Another "game" finisehd. it's now up on for free, and it's pretty light-weight, it's just 2mb.

It sucks that this couldn't be an HTML5 game, but hey, at least it's a lot more playable than the first one. oh well, hope you enjoy the game!

5767958_150179539653_Drillawaygameplay2.gifTime to get back to working on TooMuchDeath.

EDIT : oops, forgot the usual "music" portion of this post.


2017-06-30 17:25:07 by TheOverGhoul


3 people actually voted 5 on this. just damn... i don't remember getting that many positive feedback like a few 4s or 5s in a row since that one time i did a drawing of a picnic. thanks a lot guys!

I think i'll actually draw less meaningless sprites and more meaningful drawings i mean, i've always wanted to do this stuff, but i feel like if i do shit like this i'll just make myself look edgy and set myself up for disappointment. guess i was wrong. anyway, thanks guys!

Music btw.

120 Fans, huh?

2017-06-29 15:22:56 by TheOverGhoul


Thanks a lot guys, sure this might not be some super huge number like 350+ or whatever, but it means the world to me, some of you might not understand why, but when life is way too shitty and you're trying your best to make things work art-wise, career-wise, financially, emotionally and mentally, you see people support your hobbies and you feel like you've actually accomplished more than just hitting 120 fans and that there's still hope somewhere and there will be more hope if you persist in this "fight" of yours. so yeah, thanks a lot guys, just thanks.

Also got a pretty important announcement to make soon about a game of mine, which obviously, i'm going to sell so i can move elsewhere. i don't want to talk about it much right now because i don't want to announce it poorly or anything and ruin it, but i'll just say this : it's 85% done and there will be a demo right here on NG and i'll sell it for 3$