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Midnight, once again.

2017-09-19 16:45:05 by TheOverGhoul

I really need to stop playing DeadBolt and get back to working on my stuff...

Anyway, good night everyone.

For those of you who don't know, shaders are like the "Dark magic" of video game graphics, these are these things that are used for things like glow effects, "filters" like black and white, lighting, and plenty more. and today, i've programmed my first ever shader, that ACTUALLY managed to work properly and isn't so horrible, considering the fact that i don't know jack shit about shaders.


Yay me... i guess.

Yeah, this is going to be in a game of mine btw, there's this one level that has some kinda "Vaporwave" aesthetic to it so i thought i'd add in something like a "Moving grid" with colors like these just to make it seem more "aesthetically accurate" probably gonna add some more stuff to this shader though, like a bloom effect or something... i dunno. let's how how much can i mess with this shader without making my computer blow up.

Also... some music.

Midnight once again.

2017-09-13 18:03:07 by TheOverGhoul

Finally uploaded some pixel art after getting a severe case of Weeaboo. sorry for my absence, even though no one cares.

New *Commercial* game in the works...

2017-09-07 07:26:34 by TheOverGhoul

Don't wanna spoil it tbh, but uh... there will be plenty of blood everywhere, and plenty of fire... and dead bodies... and possibly bullets... and "God's wrath"... don't mind the horrible area btw, it's still a work in progress.


Anyway the idea is basically this : you tap a certain button (Currently space) as fast as possible to create some "animals" and then you basically fight another army possibly bigger than yours, and win... maybe.

This is also a commercial game, this time though, i have a bit of plan on how to make it work unlike some other games i've tried to make and gave up on mid-way through, so yeah, wish me luck or something.

40 Artists scouted, huh?

2017-08-26 04:55:32 by TheOverGhoul


Damn... last time i checked i've scouted about 20 artists or so, but now they're actually 40. just damn... honestly though, i feel like i could have scouted a lot more talented artists if i actually had more time to do this stuff, i'm currently a bit busy and i can barely get online and do anything like scout people, leave reviews, support people and all of that stuff, so yeah... let's hope that i can actually deal with these current issues of mine so i can actually get back to doing this stuff more often.

Also, if you're an artist and still haven't got scouted, show me your works here.

P.S : While i'm at it, i might as well mention that i won't be uploading artwork anymore for a while, i'm trying to make some money to move so i don't have much time for my hobbies. hope you understand.


2017-08-15 10:45:31 by TheOverGhoul


This made my entire day a lot more interesting tbh... thanks for the support everyone!

Drill Away 2 now up on! [For free]

2017-08-03 17:24:22 by TheOverGhoul

Another "game" finisehd. it's now up on for free, and it's pretty light-weight, it's just 2mb.

It sucks that this couldn't be an HTML5 game, but hey, at least it's a lot more playable than the first one. oh well, hope you enjoy the game!

5767958_150179539653_Drillawaygameplay2.gifTime to get back to working on TooMuchDeath.

EDIT : oops, forgot the usual "music" portion of this post.


2017-06-30 17:25:07 by TheOverGhoul


3 people actually voted 5 on this. just damn... i don't remember getting that many positive feedback like a few 4s or 5s in a row since that one time i did a drawing of a picnic. thanks a lot guys!

I think i'll actually draw less meaningless sprites and more meaningful drawings i mean, i've always wanted to do this stuff, but i feel like if i do shit like this i'll just make myself look edgy and set myself up for disappointment. guess i was wrong. anyway, thanks guys!

Music btw.

So i did a little game for the C3 jam with @NinjaMuffin99 in this game you have to control 3 different objects that have 3 different colors which are Red, Green and Blue. if you guys want to play the game then feel free and thanks for your interest, and i hope you enjoy it :)

Fun fact : I kind of wanted to add a mod where every player object has a sonic head but it's too late for this meme tbh


FUCK... my name is Ryan not Aaron >:((((

Happy Pico Day!

2017-04-30 12:25:46 by TheOverGhoul

I was going to make a game to celebrate this occasion but uh... didn't have much time so i ended up using some assets as artwork. anyway, hope you enjoy that stuff. the game was going to be a shit load of memes anyway so... i dunno.

Also, just wanna share this android game called "Jumpr" with you guys. it's a game where you jump over a volcano in space, it's a pretty innovative and original game in my opinion, and i recommend you guys try it some time, i know it seems a little bit "easy" but trust me, it's not "that much" easy.

fun fact, i did some of the assets for it btw.