Ask me anything c:

2017-07-17 07:01:46 by TheOverGhoul

I almost never interact with you guys anymore and all i do is post updates and memes, time to change that a bit so ask me anything no matter what it is and then i'll ask you something and answer both questions, makes sense? ok good. let's do this.



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2017-07-17 07:11:57

Hmm, why aren't you uploading your videos on the Youtube?

TheOverGhoul responds:

Because i have no idea about what kind of videos to make nor the time to make them.
Ok, do you like cats? probably.


2017-07-19 00:03:05

what is your avatar and why isn't it pone

TheOverGhoul responds:

Some trees in purple, and it isn't a pone because i like video games.
Do you like anime? you probably don't.


2017-07-19 00:37:07

youtube is for shitposts and only shitposts


2017-07-19 01:12:41

I don't like anime. I don't even watch much of MLP anymore. Cartoons are starting to fade on my nowadays because I can never project myself into the stories like I used to. Nowadays it's all a bunch of super human, reserved, yet super skilled and violent characters who I can't even relate to.

As time goes on by, I start finding pleasures in simpler things rather than action packed anime (animes plural? idk) or movies. I can't even call it becoming an adult because tons of adults enjoy it, I call it becoming progressively boring. Ugh...

TheOverGhoul responds:

Yeah, i 100% agree with you honestly, i mean it's just that most new anime is trash and some of it is just straight up retarded and executed so badly that it almost kills you. there are barely any good shows anymore honestly and plenty of the newest anime (Or animes? whatever) are just complete trash compared to older shows.

Honestly, the only anime(s) i still watch are pretty "old" ones like Nichijou, Psycho-Pass, Parasyte, Hellsing and Black Bullet. i tried watching newer shows like Kumamiko and i stopped directly midway through episode 1 because everything was trash about that anime and i had no interest in seeing how the episode ends or where the story goes, but then again, a weeb i used to know recommended this to me so what can i expect?


2017-07-19 03:20:33

Meh, most cartoons I watch nowadays are the bells of notre dame or 90s disney movies. I also enjoy Pixar because 90s Disney movies and Pixar movies are really creative, dark and just awesome. For me, I like dark cartoons, but only when it pushes a narrative or a story. I watch movies or TV shows to *think* about stuff, and what messages they try to give me. You don't get that nowadays

If I ever became a game developer or animator, big IF, I'd totally do that. For example, I could come up with amillion different analogies for depression, but can't quite come to think of it due to my inability to draw or do anything worthwhile or talented.

Funny enough, I used to suck at math last year, now I'm doing fuck tons of Calculus now. Maybe if I worked as hard at drawing I do with math, I'd become great.Idk.

TheOverGhoul responds:

Yeah, i'm not much of a fan of Disney tbh, their stuff just doesn't seem that much interesting to me anymore, and that's weird because all i'd watch a few years back was Disney movies and shows. i'm kinda the same though, i mean i'd watch any kind of movie, not exclusively dark, as long as the ending or story isn't pure trash and kinda "makes you think" about stuff.

Same tbh, i mean, i can draw and make games but i can't write at all, and whatever i write ends up getting tossed away into the trash, i mean i can think about millions of game ideas for a game that revolves around misery, suffering or anything similar but i'd eventually just feel like "This is trash, let's get rid of it" i mean it's really funny how sometimes it seems like you can't just "have it all" lol.

Yeah, if you spend enough time drawing stuff you'd pretty much get better at it, practice makes perfect you know. either way, i don't doubt that you can become great at drawing at all. so if you plan on practicing some more then good luck bro :)


2017-07-19 13:47:00

Why did you format your others links with [A E S T H E T I C] text
Are you secretly a meme

TheOverGhoul responds:

Nah, this ain't aesthetic, i'm just a [ P L E B ] that just felt like formatting stuff like this, but i'm still a meme... a very ironically depressed meme, tbh.
Have you ever thought about slapping someone across the face with a banana? probably.