Maybe it's time to stop and do something else...

2017-08-12 05:42:59 by TheOverGhoul

Remember that one game of mine i said i was working on a while ago? yeah, about that, i'm not sure if i want to keep working on it, it seems like a waste of very valuable time to work on this game right now, and time is this one thing i don't have right now.

Now why is this game such a "waste of time"? because it's pretty obvious that not many people will buy it, if any at all even for the smallest price possible. and that's not really that much "helpful" for what i'm trying to accomplish here so why would i work on it anymore? what's the point? "Learning"? this isn't the right time nor the place for it, and this project has become one of the few games of mine that i've grown to hate so much, it's just become the worst project i've ever worked on, honestly. so maybe it's time to start over while i still have time, pick up something else like a different project or a different "job" that will actually put some money in my wallet.

I'm not very sure though, honestly. but all i know is that i'm not going to be working on this game anymore. i'll be doing something else.

Sorry if this disappoints any of you guys, but seeing how this game isn't going to work out well i feel like it's time to pull the plug on it and do something else more "fruitful"

On a more positive note, this project has helped me learn a lot about game development, sound design, procedural generation and plenty more. but it's a shame it was a garbage project.

Also, music...

Thanks for reading, hope you understand.


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2017-08-12 11:11:56

This kinda sucks to hesr, considering you spent so much time on it.

TheOverGhoul responds:

Yeah, at least i learned a thing or two from this project of mine.


2017-08-12 11:49:38

dang man that sucks

TheOverGhoul responds: