So, i played some Yume Nikki...

2018-01-14 02:03:32 by TheOverGhoul

For those of you who don't know, Yume Nikki is a game that was released back in 2004, but has recently suddenly reappeared on Steam for free just a few days ago.

This game is a horror walking simulator, it has no story, and the only objective this game has is to collect all of the "Effects" that can be found in some places around the "nightmare realms." you play as Madotsuki, a kinda mysterious character that doesn't say a single word throughout the entire game and collects these said effects from the dream world to fulfill a "certain objective." apparently, all you do as Madotsuki is sleep and look outside your balcony.

[Spoilers ahead]

What i really like about this game is how there's little to no information about most of the game's content, and things can get really confusing, but it still feels like this game has a much deeper meaning and is still fun to play. (For me, at least) the thing is, the game starts out "just like that" and you're neither told what your objectives are nor what purpose the things you're doing are supposed to serve, you're some girl in some room and the only thing you do is either play video games, write down some stuff in your diary, and sleep, you also refuse to leave your room for some reason.

But then you go to sleep and you see that you're in a "dream" world, you've got a ton of doors and huge realms to explore, and you're supposed to pick up 24 "effects" and leave them in the door room because "Reasons." and that's a bit weird, considering the fact that there's no story at all and that you're not trying to serve any purpose but you can enter this world, wake up whenever you feel like it, "keep" your effects and the world around you "doesn't change" which makes me feel like you might be actually doing more than just "Dreaming" and collecting "Effects" as a hobby. and then to make things more interesting, once you have all of the effects, you're supposed to drop them in the door room, "Wake up" and then you'll see that there's an actual stair case on your balcony that Madotsuki uses to well... jump to her own death. what's really interesting is how it even got there if everything Madotsuki did happened in the dream realm, and how something she did in the dream world actually affected the real world.

And the thing is, it's never explained throughout the entire game why she would do that, and why she went through all the trouble of exploring different realms just to get that staircase and kill herself. she just hangs around a bunch of nightmarish realms, collects some effects, and then kills herself "just like that." i mean, when i first saw that staircase in the real world, i knew something "Wrong" was going to happen, but what bothers me is how it's not explained at all why things have to go that way. is the main character suicidal and has issues and has decided to explore these realms just for the fun of it? or did she have to do it because there's a bit of a deeper meaning to her doing all of this stuff in the dream realm?

Personally, i feel like there's either no story at all and Kikiyama (The creator) just wanted to make a walking simulator where the protagonist kills herself, or, there's a much deeper meaning to this since there's a bit "too many details" for this to simply be a pointless walking simulator where some girl just happened to want to enter a dream realm and has somehow done so successfuly. either way, i wish there was a sequel to this game tbh... anyway, great game.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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2018-01-16 06:26:10

A sequel to the game in a realm after life? That'd be cool... sounds like a way more morbid game than the glimpses I got from it on the Steam page. Interesting though... I like exploration games but this sounds like the kind of game that might leave you majorly depressed when it's over. Hmm to play or not to play. Cool that it's free though. Good review too.

TheOverGhoul responds:

Yeah, there's definitely more to it than walking around and meowing (In-game ability) at dream creatures, or so i think. also, i'd say it's worth playing, even if it'll end in the most depressing way possible. it's a fun and interesting experience and the worlds you explore are simply amazing. thanks btw!