Oh wait, it's actually Valentines day?

2018-02-13 11:31:56 by TheOverGhoul

I actually haven't even noticed tbh. well then... i guess i'll be spending this occasion alone this time... just like 90% of the people i know.

Anyway, happy Valentines day everyone!

Some music, as usual :


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2018-02-13 12:19:18

Happy Valentine’s Day, it isn't it for me rn but still. Happy Valentines

TheOverGhoul responds:

It isn't for me neither, it's actually tomorrow in my time zone. but still, happy valentine's day to you too!


2018-02-13 13:11:39

Well today is Shrove Tuesday, but Valentines day will come tomorrow so you post that it was early valentines day, but that means a lot to me. lol.

TheOverGhoul responds:



2018-02-13 18:21:23

I once wrote "Happy Forever Alone Day" on my Facebook as a joke, and the first like was the girl I had a crush on at the time

TheOverGhoul responds:

This must have been fate, lol.