[Some spoilers] So i've started watching Kaiji a while back...

2018-02-18 17:54:22 by TheOverGhoul

And it's a great show, i'm enjoying it a lot so far. also, this is probably the most anxious i've ever been watching anime tbh. i mean, Kaiji is one of those shows that feel "extremely serious" and are also nerve wrecking to watch because shit keeps going up and down in the most unpredictable way possible. like, i've only seen 9 episodes so far, and whenever something "good" happens, something 10 times worse happens less than a minute later.

It's a nice show tbh. i recommend you guys check it out.

Also, i decided to google this Andou cunt for "Some reason" and honestly, i wasn't disappointed.


Anyway, thanks for reading!

Music as usual :


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2018-02-18 19:14:32

Oh wow, that description is fucking beautiful. Accurate, too. Furuhata's also an asshole. What does that site say about his dumb ass?

(Updated ) TheOverGhoul responds:

Glad to hear that! and yeah, i kinda wish Kaiji beat the shit out of him after what he did, simply planting his knee into his stomach and kicking his face wasn't enough imo. i mean, the asshole knew what was going to happen to Kaiji, and he went as far as to taunt him and laugh at the situation. and what's even worse is how he turns into a complete pussy after Kaiji's out again. like goddamn, i've never seen an anime character shittier than Andou.

Also, i kinda find that page funny for some reason tbh, it's probably because this is supposed to be a page describing the character himself and sharing some information about him, but instead it's just insults and everyone seems to be okay with that.


2018-02-18 19:15:40

Awww, nothing funny. That's a shame. :(