Life is currently boring...

2018-02-25 20:38:37 by TheOverGhoul

I don't feel like making any "Artwork" and my favorite video games have become pretty boring tbh...


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2018-02-25 21:44:45

Isn't there anything in the Game Portal you think might be interesting? Hotdogtopus seemed especially bummed out about how few people enjoyed his visual novel. His exact words were: "Anyway, I ask this question every year, but nobody ever answers. Why didn't you play Unlikable Us?" I don't really enjoy visual novels, so I couldn't be of any real help to him. You're smart. Perhaps you could help. Maybe you know what's wrong with it... if there's anything wrong with it.

I watched the Crunchyroll Awards Show last night on Twitch. It was pretty embarrassing and terrible. I somewhat enjoyed it for that reason. So far, he's the only one I've seen with a proper reaction to it, but many of the other major anime YT channel hosts were actually invited there, so that might be part of the reason -

TheOverGhoul responds:

I don't really check the Game Portal tbh... also, i'm actually a fan of those, even though i rarely play visual novel games. glad you think i'm smart btw. :P
I checked the game out and... i'd rather not share my thoughts, honestly...
Also, wow... and here i thought Crunchyroll couldn't do something worse than that "Loot crate" thingy you talked about a while back, i guess i was wrong.


2018-02-28 16:13:45

S'all good man. You just need an extra hobby to channel your through

TheOverGhoul responds:

I guess i'll just start shit posting as a hobby tbh...


2018-03-08 20:29:52

More productive, though

I'm drawing and learning 3 languages as that actually helps me vent my frustrations out

(Sorry for the late response literally dfc about this site anymore)